[icecast] firewall issue

marco chrappan marco.chrappan at fastwebnet.it
Sun Apr 20 17:47:16 UTC 2003

>Lets see if I'm understanding you correctly.  You're running an icecast
>server on one of your boxes, but it's stuck behind a NAT router that you
>can't configure so no-one can tune in from the outside.  Right?  Seems to
>me that the problem lies in the fact that you can't configure your router.
>I know it's not helpful, but this problem needs to be solved.  I'd be
>surprised if a router was unconfigurable, but hey, what would I know?  A
>cheap solution - can you run a linux box as a router?  That would give you
>all the configurability you need and more and need not be a powerful box at

I can't configure it since my isp decided to organize connection in this 
way. No ports are open to communications.
The only way the was successful is to do port bouncing with a ftp 
account (which opens ports through my isp router). But I need an account 
to use for.
If anyone is willing to give me access to an ftp I'll be glad to donate 
some bandwidth and my server....

thanks for the help,

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