[icecast] ICECAST ADMINistration

Michael Smith msmith at xiph.org
Fri Apr 11 08:35:48 UTC 2003

On Thursday 10 April 2003 00:07, Mickael Floc'hlay wrote:
> Hi everyone !
> We are a group of 8 students working (as a scolar work) on ICECAST and
> we have thought that it would be a good thing to provide an
> administration web interface implemented via SSL and are actually
> working on it.
> We have thought of several things this interface could do :
> - reconfigure parts of the XML config file (depending on what are the
> rights that the logged administrator has)

That'd be pretty good, but it's hard to do well (and doing it poorly is much 
worse than not doing it at all). icecast now has the ability to reload the 
xml file if it's changed (though there are some things that aren't affected 
by this, that probably should be, at least eventually), so being able to 
reflect changes back into the config file would integrate nicely here.

> - viewing various stats on icecast (in order to know the number of
> connected people, the most popular audio source, get information about
> the bandwidth, etc...)

Most of that is already in there, though the interface is _very_ primitive, 
and some of the detailed statistics aren't yet in there (but it's structured 
so that they should be easy to use).

> One of the main purpose of that interface would to make it easy to use
> for a non technical skilled user.
> Now, we'd like to know what you are thinking of that and, above all, if
> you have any ideas about how this interface could be implemented and
> what could be done by it.
> For example, we have thought that it would be good to determine a number
> of different kind of administrators in order to decide easily what an
> administrator of one kind could reconfigure in the XML file.
> Consequently, UNIX like permission characters could be affected to each
> XML tag making easy to check if an administrator has the right to modify
> it. We hope that you now see what we are expecting you to do.

Currently, icecast2 allows two different sets of permissions. One: the admin 
user can do anything. Two: If you have the username/password of the 
mountpoint (or you have the global source username/password, and there's no 
more-specific user/pass set on the particular mount of interest), you can 
change anything to do with that mount (including disconnecting the source on 
it, removing clients from it, etc.)


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