[icecast] Icecast2 and IceS2 client problem

Michael Smith msmith at xiph.org
Tue Apr 8 22:46:57 UTC 2003

On Wednesday 09 April 2003 05:40, jeff at unsealed.net wrote:
> Dear All:
> I have Icecast2 and IceS2 successfully built and installed on a Debian 3.0
> system. After tinkering with the config files, both applications are
> running and seem to be talking to each other without problem. However, when
> I try to connect with a client, I run into problems: with Winamp 2.8, I get
> an [HTTP/1.0 200 OK] message, but then the stream is apparently dropped
> before buffering. With XMMS 1.2.7, the client connects, the stream is
> buffered, but then dropped, and rebuffered, ad infinitum. Any ideas??

This is a known bug in both xmms and winamp. If the stream URL doesn't end 
with ".ogg", they don't work. So, use a mountpoint of "/blah.ogg" or 
something like that.


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