[icecast] Source XML for status.xsl

Michael Smith msmith at labyrinth.net.au
Mon Apr 7 07:46:35 UTC 2003

M Edwards <medwards at ualberta.ca> said:

> I've been trying to track down this mysterious 'icestats' file that the 
> status.xsl and status2.xsl read data from. There is no physical file as far as 
> I can tell, but a perusal of the code seems to indicate that the server 
> generates it on the fly when the XSL file requests it. So then I tried 
> servername.com:8000/icestats but I got nothing.
> So I really got nothing, I would prefer to somehow force icecast to output 
> this info into a physical XML file on the drive so that I don't have to make 
> nasty regex's that have to use libraries that the CGI mod for apache won't let 
> me use.

Well, there'd be no reason to use nasty regex's even if you did just use the
XSL output - just write XSL transforms that output exactly what you want.

However, for those that don't like that approach for whatever reason (there
are many such reasons, and one or two of them are even valid ones), the raw
XML is available at /admin/stats.xml on the server, from where you can fetch
it and save it on your hard drive if you so desire. Icecast won't do that bit
for you, though.


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