[icecast] A few questions

Andy Theyers andy at irealise.com
Sun Apr 6 20:38:31 UTC 2003


I've got everything running OK but now have a couple of questions:

I'm occasionally getting "504 server full" errors at the client and in the 
icecast access log.  Is this caused by me exceeding the value set in the 
<max-listeners> section of icecast.xml for each mount point?

Also, when I HUP ices it fails to properly reload the Perl module...  ices 
catches the signal but then doesn't seem to actually execute the 
ices_get_next.  I get the following output and then it hangs:

DEBUG: Caught SIGHUP, cycling logfiles and reloading playlist...
DEBUG: Interpreting [ices_shutdown]
Perl subsystem shutting down:
DEBUG: perl [ices_shutdown] returned 1 values, last [1]
DEBUG: Done interpreting [ices_shutdown]
DEBUG: Importing perl module: getnext
DEBUG: Found method: ices_init
DEBUG: Found method: ices_shutdown
DEBUG: Found method: ices_get_next
DEBUG: Found method: ices_get_metadata
DEBUG: Found method: ices_get_lineno

Any help gratefully appreciated!

[I'm running ices-0.2.3 and libshout2 from the 20030403 snapshots at 
http://www.xiph.org/~brendan and icecast2 from yesterday's CVS]



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