icecast2,shout,encryption (was [icecast] compile error, now is new install =)

David Correa tech at
Wed Apr 2 19:19:02 UTC 2003

Hiya Boink,

Thanks for your help. I decided to start a new tread
(i should have done since my first email) so when
people search the list, they can see what this is/was

Future readers, the "icecast2, shout, encryption issue
was discussed on the old tread. 

On Wed, Apr 02, 2003 at 08:50:58PM +0200, boink wrote:
> well, the problem with shout that it's quite old, really not used
> anymore.

I selected the shout method from the how-to because
it seemed the most simple and it did what i wanted to do
in my test, to play a list of mp3 or ogg files
(abcde generates both types)

> What do you want to do exactly? mp3 or ogg streaming? live or just
> streaming mp3's or ogg's.

A non profit org asked me if i could help with streaming of some
lessons and some traditional music files.  They are ms windows users
i do not a lot about .ogg they know even less. Can .ogg be generated
on an ms windows box? If so with what?

> and on which OS? FreeBSD or on Linux? I pressume FreeBSD since you had
> some FreeBSD questions.

The server is my part this deal, and it is a FreeBSD 4.8-RC (at this point)

In a nutshell, the non-profit needs guidance with their goal
of transmitting  "lessons" and "music". They want to record the
lessons/music as files to then be able to stream them when
they want.

It seems like they can use Winamp on their side to send the stream.
However, since i do not technically support ms windows equipment,
the deal goes that they need to figure out themselves the windows side
of this. If anyone here knows of how-to's or recommend software
that the windows people can use to send the source to the icecast
server, that would help them because i will pass them the information.

It seems clear now that i should be using icecast2 or ices on the
server side. I hope to re-install icecast2 soon on the server. Then
my first goal would be to play a list of of mp3 or ogg files. 

Warm Regards,
David Correa
Network Engineer 
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