[icecast] to stereo or not to stereo .. that is the question

boink boink at tetter.xs4all.nl
Wed Apr 2 15:38:23 UTC 2003


a very short while ago there was a brief discussion when to use stereo
and when to use mono. 

as you know, Radio France kept its word and now is webcasting in ogg. In
total Radio France (through tv-radio.fr/ycast.com) is webcasting eight
different stations, using the ogg format.

on http://cuba.calyx.nl/~oink/oggstreams/rfoggstreams.html you can find
all the streams with m3u files and with the links to their server.

ome notes:

they are using icecast2 on Windows and the oddsock ogg software for
windows as well. They are only webcasting in mono as well.

I've been running a webcast myself of France Inter in stereo. Thus, you
can compare yourself whose stream is better, mine or theirs. I'm using
ices2 on FreeBSD and icecast2 on Linux. I don't want an OS war here, I'm
just stating what I'm using :)

Two streams are in 32kbsp/32kHz mono. These streams sound really good.



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