[icecast] compile error

David Correa tech at linux-tech.com
Tue Apr 1 17:51:26 UTC 2003

On Tue, Apr 01, 2003 at 05:36:37PM +0200, boink wrote:
> in the FreeBSD ports there already is something for ices2 and icecast2.
> it's a little on the old side (from november 2002). 


I tried icecast2 (couple days ago, ports gets upgraded daily) on a 
FreeBSD 4.X (4.8-RC) and since it compiles (by default) to use
encrypted passwords i could not make it work. I used the mkpasswd,
makepasswd, and other crypt related programs, none worked.

However, the same encrypted passwds work with the good old
icecast ; ) 

BTW, i did check the mail list archives. They indicate how
to create the encrypted passwd, yet it did not work with icecast2,
it worked with icecast.

Kind Regards,
David Correa
Network Engineer 
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