[icecast] combined mp3 and vorbis stream

Scott Prive Scott.Prive at storigen.com
Mon Sep 16 20:01:22 UTC 2002


You could decode the compressed audio to raw audio, pipe it into the ice system and have it "re-encode" to a consistent bitrate and format (Vorbis/MP3). If there's nothing with the Ice software that's this versatile, you'll have to write a small shell script, which does something like calls ogg123/mpg123 and outputs decoded audio.

Now I mention this as potentially useful information -- NOT a solition. A better answer than mine would have more specifics, but this may work. I assume it does, because I know you can decode on the command-line, and I know you  can stream live input. I just haven't tested this.



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> Subject: [icecast] combined mp3 and vorbis stream
> Hi
> I've been searching the archives for a while to see whether 
> it's possible to
> stream mp3 and vorbis at the same time with Icecast 2. The posting at
> http://www.xiph.org/archives/icecast/3133.html suggests that 
> it is, but I
> can't find anything else out there. Can anyone help me out? 
> I'm running
> icecast and ices from today's CVS. At the moment I have ices sending a
> playlist to icecast, the playlist is made up of both mp3 and 
> vorbis files
> but the mp3s just get ignored. Do I need to set up separate 
> streams? I'd be
> grateful for any info.
> TIA,
> Jake
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