[icecast] metadata streaming

Ben bench at silentmedia.com
Sat Sep 7 18:02:35 UTC 2002

I'm using icecast 1.3.12 and trying to get metadata streaming working so
that I can see the current song being played. Sounds easy according to the
docs and all other postings I've found in the archive, but I'm apparently
missing something, because I simply cannot seem to get the title to

I started off working directly with libshout, but when that didn't work
(even though calling shout_update_metadata() returned success), I moved on
to ices 0.2.3, which also silently failed to update the metadata. Because
my mp3 player can update its streaming metadata from other stream sources,
I can only assume at this point my icecast server is misconfigured.

What config options have to be set how for icecast to accept metadata
updates? I thought it was just:

use_meta_data 1
streamtitletemplate %s
nametemplate %s
desctemplate %s

...but that doesn't work for me.

Interestingly, I tried cranking up the log level on icecast, but got no
more info. That seems wrong as well, and almost like I'm not using my conf
file, but other values that are only set in my conf file are picked up, so
I know it's at least being read.

I'm rather stumped. Anybody have any pointers?

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