[icecast] mount point

Asmadi Ali asmadi.ali at kustem.edu.my
Tue Oct 22 16:47:04 PDT 2002


i have a question about mount point ...

if i want to separate the streaming by category, let say i want to play an
english category song.
Then what should i do is just go to http://putera-trg.kustem/english and
the song plays.
if i want to play rock category songs, then just go to
http://putera-trg.kustem/rock and the
songs play.

This is about a mount point but i still not understand how to create the
mount point.
is it necessary to set the mount point in the shout.conf & icecast.conf
file?  Is so, please give
me some example or reference in how to create the mount point.

For your information, i'm using icecast-1.3.7 and shout-0.8 server on
slackware linux.
any help is much-much appreciated.....



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