[icecast] Moving client to lower bitrate...

Anthony Girasoli tony at girasoli.org
Fri Oct 18 17:47:24 PDT 2002

Hello all,

I'm trying to put up an Icecast server for our radio station, WHUS, here
at the University of Connecticut.  Our Icecast server is running under
Debian 3.0, and was installed as a stable Debian package.

I'm using Liveice to convert our on-air broadcast to two streams, via a
soundcard -- one for a 128kbps stream (mountpoint = highrate) and
another 24kbps stream (mountpoint = lowrate).  Everything was going fine
until clients using the 128kbps stream started getting cut off about 2
minutes into listening to the stream.  I looked into the icecast.log,
and found this:

[18/Oct/2002:20:32:37] [4:Source Thread] Moving client 42
[] from mount /highrate to lower bitrate on mount

Why is icecast doing that?  I've searched through the mailing list
archives, and couldn't find a similar problem.  I also cannot find a
flag I can set, to prevent icecast from doing this to the clients.  Any
ideas?  Thank you for any help...


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