[icecast] Multiple streams for different quality settings ?

oddsock oddsock at oddsock.org
Mon Oct 14 06:38:21 PDT 2002

At 08:58 AM 10/14/2002 +0200, you wrote:
>Wouter Cuypers wrote:
>>I would like to send 3 streams to my server, three times exactly the
>>same audio but with different quality setting to get a low, medium and
>>high quality stream.
>>I've got icecast2 setup on a debian server and I'm streaming ogg with
>>oddcast from winamp, everything's working just fine.
>>Is there another win32 package to get this done ? We are going to do
>>live audio in the end so we could use a dedicated linux box as well.

I've written a stream transcoder which you could also use, you can run it 
in GUI (win32/unix) or command-line mode and it's job is to do just what 
you want, transcode the stream from one bitrate to another.  Essentially, 
you'd send one stream (highest quality) to your server, and then at the 
server you would run 2 instances of the transcoder, it listens in just like 
a listener and transcodes the stream to any bitrate/samplerate you want 
(and format too - i.e. you can go from MP3 to Vorbis, etc.)  A few people I 
know are using it just for this purpose (to provide lower quality streams 
of their main high quaity streams)...Obviously there are caveats, such as 
transcoding doesn't come free, and does take quite a bit of CPU, which you 
may or may not want on your streaming server...But you do get the added 
flexibility of using whatever source client you want to use (as opposed to 
one that supports multiple streams)...And if you bandwith is limited at 
your source stream (quite often people simply using their home DSL or 
cable) then sending 3 streams of varying bitrates sometimes is just not an 

anyway, if you want to get it, http://transcoder.sourceforge.net


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