[icecast] Streamer / scheduler - play file at predifined time?

Richard richard at freespeech.org
Tue Oct 8 11:05:01 PDT 2002

I have a working installation of icecast2 and ices2 (from CVS) 
I am in searching of a streamer / scheduler program. We are starting
an online streaming (ogg) radio station and I want to have the ability
to play a songs at at certain pre defined times of the day. I can add
all the songs info to a MySql database and then write some php to
check the time ever so often and reload the play list with the new
song / program (e.g. play news at the top of the hour). Would be nice
if it could calculate the time the next song can run. I would like a
nice programming grid and just be able to click on a day and a time
and enter the song.  

I am going to use simple old play lists for now with ices2 but is
there such a beast as described above. How do you load one song at a
time with ices, you have to shut it down then re-write the playlist
and start it up again right? Seems like there are 100s of dynamic
playlist generators (php and mysql / web enabled) but nothing that can
play a song at a certain time. 


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