[icecast] Tunneling server's waste of resources

Jordi Rossell 4Xsample at gmx.net
Mon Nov 25 10:14:23 UTC 2002

First, sorry about my english, I know is not the best, but I'll try to write 
in the best way I can do.
Now lets go troug the problem I have, i want to Know If I can find some Docu 
about the waste of resources of a tunneling server of the icecast.
I have a few machines (conected with a single adsl line with streaming 
radioKbps upload shared in office conection)  trough my web server (650Mbps) 
and I want to know what can happen to my server if I connect in the same way 
a big amount of radios, I dont know lets say 60 for example, for the moment I 
have only 2 and have no promotion, and no clients conected , max 4 at the 
same time. but if I connect those 60 radios may be I get about 100 clients 
per radio. and I want to know what proccessor resources It waste, ram, and 
bandwith. to make a few calculations.
somebody can help me?
thanks a lot
Jordi Rossell
4Xsample at gmx.net
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