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Michael Smith msmith at xiph.org
Fri Nov 22 09:01:36 UTC 2002

>Are you serious???
>The development state of "Icecast 1" vs. Icecast2 has *nothing* to do with the
>web site. Not from a user perspective anyways.
>What's infuriating is you're not even ASKING for help.. you're justifying
>NEGLECT. The *.icecast.org web family is ABANDONED. 

That's a complete and utter lie. We've been going to quite a lot of
effort to solicit volunteers to develop and maintain various things,
including the website. 

Volunteers HAVE come forward, and we ARE working on major updates
to the website. Yes, the website as it stands is horribly out of
date, to the point where minor changes are not sufficient. As such,
it's being replaced entirely.

>LISTEN to your users; you won't hear a PEEP from the people who simply hit
>"Back" on their webbrowser will you? 
>I'd have more sympathy for your position if you said you were in dire need of
>volunteers to impliment some improvements you have in mind, but that's not
>what you're saying.


>Here are some constructive suggestions:
>1) Fix the directory server, or TAKE IT DOWN. My guess is there has been no
>decision to take it down, and for whatevr reason, no one wants to FIX it. If
>the directory server protocol has changed in Icecast2, then consider running
>an Ices2 directory server. If the Icecast2 directory code is not yet ready..
>then it's probably premature to declare Icecast1 dead isn't it?

None of the current developers are interested in running the directory
server, and nobody else has volunteered to help out. Indeed, nobody has
said anything at all about the directory server other than to note that
it isn't running. We're ALL VOLUNTEERS, so this means that if something
isn't running, and nobody is willing to help, it gets abandoned. That's
a fact of life in volunteer projects - if you want it, either join in
and do it yourself, ask POLITELY for someone else to volunteer their
time, or pay one of the developers to do it.

>2) Are there NO Icecast2 issues worthy of a FAQ?

There are lots. That's why we're writing one.

>3) Are there NO Icecast2 Development milestones & success which are

There are. A series of problems mean we haven't yet put them up on
the website. The latest release is currently at 

>4) How about links to other applications that have dependencies on Icecast?
>You know.. "community" stuff.
>5) If nothing happens for a very long time, just say so. Every few months a
>web note of "Hello... we're still here..." will be informative, since it
>indicates someone cares (and shows you still know tha password)

We didn't know the password, which is one of the reasons the site
was dead for months.

>If I sound unfairly harsh, it's because of justifying the state of the website
>being due to the Icecast1 to Icecast2 transition. 

You do. You've spent half a page bitching about various things, and
saying that we should get other people to help out if we can't do
everything, but you haven't volunteered to do anything youself, you've
just demanded various things.


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