[icecast] [OT] Online music database

Scott Prive Scott.Prive at storigen.com
Thu Nov 21 16:41:35 UTC 2002

(Already noting the posts that say this is not available)

Are you willing to deal with "non authoritative" answers in your query?

If so, you can write some scripts that talk CGI to a commercial music vendor. I use a (no  longer available) MP3 tagger called "MP3 Internet Renamer". It would go out and request a web page from the "All Music Guide" ( http://www.allmusic.com/ ). 

The application  will then parse out information for the tags. The tagger is no longer available (and was closed source anyways) so you'll need to write your own regular expressions/parser, but this is very doable using a lightweight web browser such as "links" (or lynx, w3m, etc).

This method breaks if the music vendor has incorrect information, or if they change page formatting sufficently that your text search no longer finds the data.


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> Subject: [icecast] [OT] Online music database
> Sorry this isn't really icecast related, but
> I'm looking for an online music database that will let me search by 
> artist+track and retrieve the likely record label / music 
> publisher that 
> owns the copyright.
> I want to do this from within a script as well :)
> Hoping somebody might know of one off the top of their head...
> Cheers
> Leo
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