Mitchell Smith mjs at blitztechnology.net
Wed Nov 20 14:30:48 UTC 2002

The Debian Icecast server is compiled with password crypt support, which
means you can't put the password in in cleartext.  You will have to

apt-get install makepasswd

and do something like

echo "password" > passwd.tmp
makepassword --crypt --clearfrom=passwd.tmp

and paste the encrypted password in to your icecast.conf file.

Hope this helps.

> From Mitchell

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<p>> I have installed the icecast server on my Debian Linux 2.2. I modified the
> distributed icecast.conf (as far as thought was necessary), and I set up
> shout.conf...
> Both server and shout are started from root and are set up to localhost.
> I could start the server, but when I started shout, it did find the
> but it was blocked with the message "BAD PASSWORD[encoder]" even if the
> password matched exactly.
> So, I changed the icecast server encoder_password with "set
> now" to "now" and the server affirmed the change.
> Then I started shout with the option "-P now", but still the message "BAD
> PASSWORD[encoder]".
> I don't know what I did wrong, but probably the error is somewhere totally
> else than I have been looking for.
> I have attached the config files I changed, so if I made a mistake setting
> up those
> config files, please mail the changes which have to be done.
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