[icecast] Re [ogg]

Moritz Grimm gtgbr at gmx.net
Fri Nov 15 10:23:32 UTC 2002

Raymond wrote:
> I guess as a mercy plee for help I'll mention why I need to have the
> static ogg files play as the mp3 static files play with icecast1. I'm

I don't know how Icecast1 did it (I never used it other than trying for
a day years ago). Anyways, Icecast2's file serving is pretty
self-explanatory. Have <fileserve>1</fileserve> somwhere within your
<icecast> directive, and your <webroot> will be accessible by the world
through Icecast2, which now acts as a dumb and simple web server. You
*still* have to create your own .m3u files like I explained for Apache,
though (at least with the binary I compiled on Aug 28th).

But then, I really don't understand what you need Icecast for. Apache
can do on-demand http streaming of every possible format that supports
streaming "by accident". And yes, Icecast's 'stream' is also just a
'download'. Even when you connect to an ices2-served mountpoint, it's
nothing else than a slow, theoretically unlimited download by your
player that instantly plays what it gets. It's never been different.

What you get from Icecast2's fileserve is (without the --s):

HTTP/1.0 200 OK
Content-Type: application/x-ogg


That looks awfully close to what Apache gives (I explained how to make
it send the correct MIME type in the other mail). My Apache uses HTTP
1.1 and it sends a few more server related http fields filled out. The
.ogg, however, is entirely the same. When I connect to a "real" stream,
Icecast2 also sends ice-* fields for the stream meta data. However, this
meta data is only stream related - song related meta data, like ARTIST
and TITLE come with the .ogg and therefore get updated independently
with every new .ogg header that gets sent.

So, my question is "What do you want and why don't you pick the right
tool for the purpose, respectively?" What did Icecast1 do different?

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