[icecast] Newbie question about soundcards

Michael Smith msmith at xiph.org
Wed Nov 13 03:41:08 UTC 2002

At 12:09 AM 13/11/2002 -0300, you wrote:
>Here's what I got:
>a running shoutcast server, and doing just fine thanks.  machine is a
>crapola with a 486 dx/4 24meg, running SuSE kernel 2.2.16, no X, no
>soundcard, runs secondary DNS and serves NFS.  nothing else, hell, doesn't
>even have a monitor attached.  http, sendmail and others run on another box
>that has more *oomph*, in case you're wondering.  icecast 1.4.0 compiled on
>the crapola machine

There is no icecast 1.4.0

>So, I compiled shout on the machine that runs the shoutcast server waaaay
>back in May.

Don't use shout. It's deprecated because it doesn't work reliably or well.
Use ices instead.

>If I understand correctly, I *don't* need a soundcard on the crapola box, or
>am I wrong...?

That's correct.


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