[icecast] Newbie question about soundcards

David Rust rust at en.cl
Wed Nov 13 03:09:02 UTC 2002

Here's what I got:

a running shoutcast server, and doing just fine thanks.  machine is a
crapola with a 486 dx/4 24meg, running SuSE kernel 2.2.16, no X, no
soundcard, runs secondary DNS and serves NFS.  nothing else, hell, doesn't
even have a monitor attached.  http, sendmail and others run on another box
that has more *oomph*, in case you're wondering.  icecast 1.4.0 compiled on
the crapola machine

a win98 box streaming to the running shoutcast server.  THIS WORKS FINE.

My dilemma:

I don't want to use the win98 box to stream the audio.  without going into
much detail, suffice it to say that it is very inconvenient to stream from
that box, because it gets used for other stuff.

So, I compiled shout on the machine that runs the shoutcast server waaaay
back in May.

If I understand correctly, I *don't* need a soundcard on the crapola box, or
am I wrong...?

This is what happens when I start shout (notice that it correctly rejects a
file with a 160kbit bitrate):

#### BEGIN
1.4.0 - www.icecast.org

Done parsing configuration file
Parsing arguments...
Resolving hostname localhost...
Creating socket
Attempting connection to [localhost:8000]
Connected: [localhost:8000\default]
Starting main source streaming loop..
Shuffling playlist...
Done shuffling..

Playing from /usr/local/icecast/log/default.playlist, line 1
No bitrate or command specified, using autodetect
Checking mpeg headers ...
Layer: III              Version: MPEG-1 Frequency: 44100
Bitrate: 160 kbit/s     Padding: 0      Mode: stereo
Ext: 0  Mode_Ext: 0     Copyright: 1    Original: 1
Error Protection: 0     Emphasis: 0     Stereo: 2
Skipping file, not correct bitrate
###  this is correct behaviour, of course!
Playing from /usr/local/icecast/log/default.playlist, line 2
No bitrate or command specified, using autodetect
Checking mpeg headers ...

[/mp3/Z-Chabon (zona roja).mp3]
[3:58] Size: 3811328 Bitrate: 128000 (48863 bytes/dot)
[SOURCE xxxxxxx ]

Error in read, exiting
read: Broken pipe
Shutting it all down

#### END

My brain is starting to hurt.  What makes me really suspicious is this
"error in read" and then, "broken pipe" message.  mp3 files are all world
readable, of course.

So, do I need a sound card in the crapola box, or not?


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