[icecast] Freedomaudio player

Michael Smith msmith at xiph.org
Mon Nov 11 04:39:39 PST 2002

At 11:22 AM 11/11/2002 +0000, you wrote:
>Karl Heyes wrote:
>> Is it just the java player that seems to be unreliable.  There is a 
>> couple
>> of outstanding bugs in ices for network socket error cases, but the fixes
>> these are with Mike. 
>I'm not entirely sure. Certainly, playback is flawless with Winamp.
>Every now and then, Ices seems to just stop, and swallow up all my CPU. 
>I'm not sure if this was caused by my playlist having non-existant file 
>entries, or whether it was caused by me trying to make it play mp3's. In 
>any case, it's been running all night (almost 9 hours now..) without 
>problems, so perhaps it was just the phase of the moon...
>What sort of continuous running times can I expect? (For Ices i mean - 
>icecast seems fine)

There are a couple of minor bugs (if you hit them, they're major,
but if you don't often hit them, you probably won't ever). I have some
pending patches, but I'm not doing development stuff until after my
exams. If you're not hitting those bugs, it should run indefinately.
I sometimes run ices for 3-4 days at a time (usually killing it off to
add a new feature, rather than because of a crash :-)
If you are hitting one of those bugs, then not long at all.


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