[icecast] Problem with Ices and Icecast2

Moritz Grimm gtgbr at gmx.net
Thu May 30 16:47:14 UTC 2002

Michael Smith wrote:
> >P.S.: Getting ices2 works the same like getting icecast2. If you run
> >Linux, you can try it - I couldn't compile it under OpenBSD though
> >because of (currently) mandatory GNU stuff.
> Which won't get fixed if you don't _tell_ me about it. Let me know what
> the problem(s) are, and I can at least try to do something about them.

Oh, sorry, I thought we had this conversation already ...

Hm, see http://www.xiph.org/archives/icecast/2712.html and maybe my
orginal message at http://www.xiph.org/archives/icecast/2708.html - in
your reply to 2712.html, you suggest me writing a patch. :D Well, this
is far beyond my skills, I am really no programmer. I think I could
patch you a non-working Hello World program, though, but that's about
it. ;P

I just remember that I wanted to dig deeper into that ogg123 coredump,
which I completely forgot about. I still don't have time right now, but
I'm trying to remember it better - and also try it on newest CVS. (It
wasn't an rc3 problem, iirc.)


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