[icecast] IceS with Perl segfault

Devin J. Campbell devin at moonglade.com
Tue May 28 23:43:53 UTC 2002

I'm running Icecast 1.3.12 with IceS 0.2.3.

I've run into a couple of issues with this new version of IceS.  One I can
get around, the other is causing me much frustration.

With IceS 0.2.2 I had the server name in the ices.conf file set to

Worked fine for many months.  When I upgraded to 0.2.3 I suddenly got a
segfault on the gethostbyname() call in util.c.  Changing localhost to works and is fine as a workaround.  Localhost is in my /etc/hosts
file, it should work.  While this may not directly be IceS' fault I thought
the info should be passed along.

The other problem I've been working on is writing a Perl playlist handler. 
I've got a version that works fine with text files, but I wanted to get
fancy and take the entries out of a database (postgresql) as well as store
info about when songs are played and when certain songs should be played,
etc.  There's probably already tools out there to do this, but I'm doing it
for fun in my spare time. (I'm funny that way)  I have the DB working and a
nice little Perl script to pull data from it, I've made an ices.pm file that
can be loaded with a use statement from a test script and it works fine. 
But, as soon as I place it in production IceS segfaults when it hits the
'use DBI;' statement in ices.pm.  Comment out 'use DBI;' and it loads fine. 
The segfault is happening on the perl_parse() call in pm_perl.c.

So, the question is, since I'm not that familiar with embedded perl, do I
need to do anything unusual to load a module in ices.pm?  Shouldn't 'use
DBI;' work the same here as it would in a normal Perl module/script?

Any thoughts on the matter are greatly appreciated!

Have a great day,

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