[icecast] Propping up liveice

Akos Maroy darkeye at tyrell.hu
Tue May 28 06:21:51 UTC 2002

Cédric Mallet wrote:
>>Could you elaborate on this? In what respect does darkice not deal with 
>>lame correctly?
> Personnally I have those error messages repeting with darkice :
> "Internal buffer inconsistency. flushbits <> ResvSize"
> According to what I found on the Net this looks like a Lame bug,
> espescially when Lame is used with the -h option (removing it solved the
> problem in LiveIce).

There you go, this is a lame bug. Most probably you have compiled lame 
with RedHat's gcc 2.96, which is a no-no. This means that you can't 
encode with using command-line lame either, as you'll get the same error 
messages. Use gcc 2.91 or gcc 3 to compile lame properly.
(I don't see how can one percieve this to be a bug of darkice.)


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