darkice problems (was Re: [icecast] Propping up liveice)

Akos Maroy darkeye at tyrell.hu
Tue May 28 06:18:20 UTC 2002

Matt Boersma wrote:
> I tried darkice 0.9 with icecast 1.3.12 and lame 3.91.  I specified a 
> 64k stream and similar options to what works for us with liveice.
> Streaming worked successfully, and I applaud darkice for being fairly 
> simple to build and configure.  But the stream sounded like mud.  It was 

Try to get the darkice sources from the CVS, which gives you the 
possibility to specify the encoding quality for both mp3 and Ogg Vorbis 
streams. (See the quality option in the configuration file.)

> I then consulted this newsgroup's archives and did some googling and 
> found a couple references that implied that darkice was now more focused 
> on icecast 2 support and now had broken lame support for icecast 1.x.  I 

This is not true. DarkIce is not more focused in either direction, it 
supports icecast 1.x, shoutcast for mp3 streaming and icecast 2 for Ogg 
Vorbis streaming just the same. It is not biased in either direction.


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