[icecast] memory, processor, bandwidth

christophe.guerin at etud.univ-pau.fr christophe.guerin at etud.univ-pau.fr
Thu May 23 14:14:32 UTC 2002

The shoutcast doc says:

If you want to broadcast to listeners, you'll need:

* 90Mhz or faster server, running one of Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, ME,
  Mac OS X, Sparc Solaris 2.x, FreeBSD 3.x, FreeBSD 4.x, or Linux with
  a libc6 kernel.

* 14kB of memory for every listener you want to broadcast to (i.e. 1,000
  listeners means you need 14 Megabytes of RAM), plus whatever your
  operating system needs for overhead, plus 1.5MB for the server's
  base requirements.  Don't set the listener count higher than you need,
  it just screws things up.

* Enough bandwidth to run the server.  If you want to broadcast to 100
  listeners at 24kbps, you'll need about 24kbps*100 = 2,400kbps = 2.4Mbps
  of bandwidth.  That's about 2 T1 lines worth of bandwidth.  Trying to
  push 100 128kbps listeners down your 768kbps cable modem isn't going
  to work :)

<p>Is it the same rules for Icecast??

Thank you in advance.

(christophe.guerin at etud.univ-pau.fr)

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