[icecast] disappointed with group

MR I konny at waitrose.com
Thu May 23 11:13:54 UTC 2002

Moritz Grimm wrote:

>MR I wrote:
>>must say I have found the help in this group very disapointing. Have
>I don't understand why people keep complaining about this list. It's not
>that anyone has the right to get personal assistance by the developers
>(note: I am no developer). It's also better for all of us when the
>developers don't have to waste their time on this list for minor/simple
>things, imo. Fellow users usually answer when they got something to say.
>Except for the occasional spam, this list has a very high s/n ratio,
>which is what I like. Better silence than constant noise.
I follow your believes and views... however if things are simple then 
providing an answer is also simple (i.e man ices or "use background 
mode"). I certainly don't wish to be spoon feed just pointed in the 
right direction. After all the purpose for joining this list was so I 
could join a community of like minds. In the end I know I can find a 
solution, but if the case is that everyone finds a solution by themselfs 
then this list is pointless. Shared problems often equal faster solutions.

>If I knew what else Icecast2's config file could take, I'd have
>answered, and I'm sure others would have done so, too. Icecast2 isn't
>even in alpha stage, yet. (Otherwise Jack would've finished an alpha
>release for us meanwhile.) It does Ogg Vorbis streaming and supports the
>most essential things that it has to support in order be working at all.
1. my comment was not directed to you as an individual, as indeed the 
answers you gave displayed your knowledge. (i.e. you stated what you 
knew) I MUCH prefer that than babble about nothing.

2. Yes icecast2 is UNSUPPORTED.. not unsupportable! that's why I'm here!

3. For Icecast2 there is valid reasons for the level of support... But 
what about icecast1's Documentation? We all know that it is lacking 
thats why I started using this group.


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