[icecast] what's happening here?

Luis M. Gallardo D. gluis at alsuites.com
Sun May 19 17:26:38 UTC 2002

Nicolae wrote:
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>>Why is it that this list is so inactive?  And what's with all 
>>the spam?
>>Is there another list that has more folks on it?
> Because the aren't many users here, the list is not monitored,
> no rules... I guess IceCast as not as big as I thought... and
> infested by bunch of lamers that like to take advantage of it
> to advertise.

I think IceCast mustn't to be big. That cares is it's open source and 
that you can find well-disposed people that expect nothing back for 
helping others.

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> Daniel
> www.mp3bynet.com

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