[icecast] Segfault in ices

Sean Robertson sean_robertson at eee.org
Sun May 5 19:34:46 UTC 2002

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They were created on the BSD server.  I actually figured out that by 
opening the playlist with a text editor, saving it, then trying again, it 
worked.  I didn't even change the file at all.  just 'vi playlist' then 
save it and try again.  I never did figure out the difference.  I even 
diffed the new vs the old, and got no changes shown.

On a side note, ices 0.2.3 doesn't segfault on the same playlist.  It 
reports it as corrupted, but at least it doesn't crash.

Sean Robertson

At 07:20 AM 5/5/2002 -0400, you wrote:
>Did you create the playlist on the linux server or bring it over from a
>Windows machine?
>I had a similar problem when I was taking moving some playlists.
>I ended up ditching the old playlists (after all kinds of
>searching/replacing) and re-created them on the linux server.  One good way
>to do this is to use find.  'find /home/audiotron/music -print' did the
>trick for me.
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>From: Sean Robertson
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>Subject: [icecast] Segfault in ices
>I run FreeBSD-4.5-STABLE, along with icecast 1.3.12, and I've been having
>two problems with ices 0.2.2.
>1)  When I give ices an empty playlist file and tell it to randomize, I get
>a segfault every time.  When I give it the same playlist with Randomize set
>to 0, it tells me that the playlist is empty instead of crashing.
>2)  ices can't seem to handle any of my playlists.  The correct format is
>just one full path/filename per line, correct?  It gives me a "No such file
>or directory" error for every file on my list, even though I have gone back
>and verified that all of them actually do exist.  Is there some particular
>character that ices can't handle in a playlist?
>I have posted a copy of my playlist on http://www.realityblows.net/playlist.
>Sean Robertson

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