[icecast] Graceful Icecast Source Switching?

Chris Parrinello chrisp at chrispy.net
Wed May 1 20:08:11 UTC 2002

Roy Harvey wrote:
> All --
> Anyone know what the "best practice" technique is for gracefully 
> switching sources?
> Here's situation:
> Server A is streaming recorded MP3 files to a bunch of listeners (ICES).
> Server B is a live feed (via oddcast)
> When I want to transition the Server A listeners to the Server B stream, 
> I do the following:
> (1) Kill the ICES process on Server A
> (2) Start a RELAY PULL on Server A to point it to Server B
> Server A starts streaming the Server B feed properly, but all the 
> existing Server A listeners get kicked.  Everyone then needs to reconnect.
> I've tried increasing the CLIENT_TIMEOUT but it doesn't seem to be the 
> fix.  (I've also changed the RELAY_RECONNECT_MAX from infinite (-1) to 3 
> so that Server A doesn't keep grasping for the now-dead ICES stream and 
> accepts the new Server B feed).
> Any help appreciated.

I don't know about the relay pull stuff but we do the same thing of 
switching from prerecorded content (in our case, rebroadcasts of our 
live show from last week) to the live show.

I have one icecast server setup with ices streaming the rebroadcasts. 
When it is almost time for  the live show, I start oddcast with the live 
feed and connect it to the server. At this point, the icecast server has 
two sources each with different mount points. When we want to go live, I 
kill ices and all of the existing listeners get moved over to the live 


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