[icecast] Trying to compile ices under FreeBSD

Luiz Claudio Duarte lclaudius at luiz.claudio.nom.br
Sun Mar 31 22:01:35 UTC 2002

Also sprach Alex Gutteridge:
> >Aha! That did the trick. Thanks, I'll be testing it presently. But why
> >can't configure find the lame, shout and python libraries (all under
> >/usr/local/lib), even with explicit directives for them?
> >
> I had the same problem with the ices configure script not finding lame 
> and perl. I found that running configure with cache set to /dev/null (I 
> think the flag is --use-cache=/dev/null or something) allowed it to find 
> lame but I've still yet to get perl working with it.

Yes, it worked same way here too. Funny the script couldn't find the
python libraries, though, even when pointed right at them. But at least
lame got through.

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