[icecast] once again: [Too many errors (client not receiving data fast enough)]

Carl Karsten carl at personnelware.com
Fri Mar 22 03:27:02 UTC 2002

Ok, I have seen that this is a common issue, and has been answered many times.... but I think mine is a bit different.  Sorry if I
am just being thick.

<p><p>Local Setup:

<p><p>Local net is 100mb, 9 boxes that don't do much, so no bandwidth issues.

<p><p>Cable modem - 2mb down, 128k up (is there someplace I can 'measure' this?)

<p><p>pII-400, win2k, winamp v2.78c, ShoutCast Source v1.8.2a, encoding at 24k, 22kHz, Mono (lowest setting) - CPU usage at about 30%,
peaking at 50% (total for system)

<p><p>PII-400, Linux, icecast v 1.3.10, NATs Cable modem to local net

<p><p>p-300 w98, winamp, local net, plays for 12 hours, no problem.  Reports (confirms) 24kbps, 22kHz, mono.  (sounds pretty good if you
ask me.)

<p><p>remote boxes:

<p><p>me at dialup p-233, w98, 38/29 (win reports 38.4k, http://bandwidthplace.com/speedtest/ reports 29.1k) RealPlayer and Winamp 3beta

<p><p>Friend's boxes, that I don't really have good stats on, but.

Sharon at work - T1

Sharon at home - dialup 50/

Markus at work - DSL

Markus at home - DSL

Randy at home - cable

Josh - dialup, 45/26

Grig - dialup 28.8/22.6

Jeff at work - dsl

Jeff at dialup - 33/20

Keena at home - dialup 48/33.1

Kellie at aol - dialup 33/19

am at home - dialup 48/37  (no icecast test yet. )

am at home - dialup ?/? (icecast, didn't get speed test)

cherie at home dialup 48/41

<p><p>The pattern is: anyone with a broadband connection can connect and stay connected for hours.  Anyone but Cherie with a dialup can
connect, load up the buffer in about 10 seconds, listen for about 2 min, and then get dropped. The last 30 seconds are very
traumatic: lots of skipping/and 10ish second pauses.  At some point icecast kicks them.  Cherie stayed on for 30 min and then she
dropped her connection to the net.  (just got that stat after writing all this.)  Is there any overhead in delivering a 24k stream?

<p><p>Looking at me at dialup,  according to RealPlayer's stats, no lost or late packets.  Cant find any stats in winamp.

<p><p>Given that all I really want to do is stream voice (lectures) maybe if I come up with a lower rate source, that will fix it?  For
testing, can produce a lower stream from mp3 files?  Hmm, I do have a CD of Richard Fineman's lectures and some Spanish
instructional cds.

<p><p>[17/Mar/2002:17:56:59] [52:Source Thread] Kicking client 46 [chi-ras-1-209-112-9
5-201.mc.net] [Too many errors (client not receiving data fast enough)] [listene
r], connected for 3 minutes and 3 seconds, 266275 bytes transfered. 0 clients co

<p>TIA, Carl Karsten

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