[icecast] DarkIce problem

Akos Maroy darkeye at tyrell.hu
Sun Mar 3 23:34:02 UTC 2002

Cédric Mallet wrote:
> dimanche 3 mars 2002, 23:05:21, Cédric Mallet a écrit :
>>I have installed DarkIce from the latest rpm version.
>>I get this error message when running it :
>>TcPSocket.cpp:197 : gethostbyname error
>>Does anyone know what it means ?
> A hint : according to the man this function is linked to /etc/hosts,
> which contains only one line :
> I replaced my DNS with my IP (not successfully...), and with
> in /etc/darkice/cfg. Now I get another error message (but this does not seem
> to have any link to network issues...) :
> "lameLibEncoder.cpp : lame lib opening underlying sink error"
> Well, now a Lame problem ?

no, not a lame problem. darkice can't connect to your server. either the 
host name or the port or the source login password is incorrect.

try to telnet to your server manually:

telnet hostname port

and then say:

SOURCE password /mount

and an empty line. if it says "OK", there is indeed a problem in darkice.

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