[icecast] Is there a guide?

Michael Smith msmith at labyrinth.net.au
Sun Jul 28 06:33:35 PDT 2002

At 01:03 PM 7/28/02 +1000, you wrote:
>Is there a quick guide to setting up an icecast2 server?
>Specifically I want something I can muck around with to test it out and put 
>into use later. I'd like to set up a basic icecast2 streaming server 
>streaming ogg streams, and either play from a play list, or preferably from 
>dsp so I can record microphone and whatever other sounds I am playing etc.
>Anyway, I attempted this a while ago, I got icecast2 running, but ices2 didn't 
>work for me, so I was left streaming in mp3... I also had problems with a 
>playlist containing ogg files, it couldn't play them.....

I don't know of any good guides that are up to date. It's already on my
TODO list.

If you have problems with ices2 (or icecast2) please do ask on the list
with more specifics - if you don't, we can't fix your problems (if they're
bugs), or explain what you're doing wrong if they aren't.


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