[icecast] icecast.conf and wwwadmin

Maria Wright maria at mariaworld.com
Wed Jul 24 15:52:25 PDT 2002

I recently installed for the first time:
icecast latest version: 1.3.12
ices latest version: 0.2.3

Things are moving along pretty well. Found out that I needed libxml-devel as
well as the regular libxml to get the ices XML conf file read. Otherwise,
functionality is great. CPU usage is low and Im very happy.

My question is... the docs say I need to set the http_admin to 1 to allow
access to web admin page which I would like to allow to myself. It also says
I can run list.cgi. My icecast.conf file has very few of the options listed
as are described in the documentation. Why? Also... Ive searched and greppd
all over. I dont have a list.cgi. Am I missing something else that didnt
come with the above tar balls?

Any help appreciated. I realize in the wake of the FCC and RIAA rulings Im
probably wasting my time, but I cant help myself.

Thanks in advance.

ps - the list archive is down. Sorry if this was in there.


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