[icecast] Icecast is cool, but how about video?

Moritz Grimm gtgbr at gmx.net
Sun Jul 7 03:34:54 PDT 2002

Rob Burris wrote:
> I use real server to broadcast live video streams from my studio ( using
> icecast to broadcast the audio ) to clients using real player ( of which
> there also is a free version of ) and I don't pay a dime. I don't know how
> much more free something can get. But, you sir, can believe whatever you'd
> like to...

Free means that you may use for any purpose, redistribute, modify and
redistribute the modified version of a program. It's not about cost.
Real is so closed that only Real themselves can make a player. Their
player is very intrusive into the system it's installed to, and clueless
users get tricked into subscribing to newsletter AKA spam by Real and if
they don't reconfigure the client, they also send statistical data to
Real that should stay private. I'm talking about free as in freedom, not
as in "free beer". Apart from that, Real's software is a nuisance to
use. It DOES perform well technically, e.g. in terms of quality at low
bitrates (44kbps sounds almost as good as Vorbis' 48kbps ABR), but it's
ressource hungry and not trustworthy, too. I wouldn't install and run
any server that I (and everyone else) don't know about what it actually
does, for both security and privacy reasons. I don't trust Real just
like I don't trust Microsoft. You seem to be happy with blindly trusting
proprietary software and companies making them, I don't. That's why I
don't recommend it to anyone and tell my concerns instead.


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