[icecast] some newbie questions

Tune tune at aphextwin.nu
Tue Jan 15 22:13:05 UTC 2002


I am pretty new to icecast, but I really like it. I use liveice for 
source, and icecast for streaming.
Maybe you are tired of these stupid these things, please forgive me and 
redirect me to the appropriate FAQ, if you don't feel OK to answer.
Thanks in advance.

1. How do I tell icecast/liveice to show the title of the current track 
to the listener's client?
2. I give a playlist file to icecast containing the path and order of 
mp3 files. When liveice reaches the end of the file, it is not 
restarting from the beginning, but looping the last song. How do I tell 
it to go to top? (sorry it was not a real icecast question)
3. How can I build an interactive mp3 stream? Like stream on demand, etc.
4. I told icecast to let the server public. I enabled yp.icecast.org to 
be refreshed about my server, but i dont find it on the above server's 
search list. I even see on the admin console it is refreshed, and i get 
an ID from yp.icecast.org. What is the correct method here?


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