[icecast] Liveice not streaming to Icecast?

Milton Durr miltondurr at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 12 19:04:52 UTC 2002

I'm totally new to this, so forgive me.

I've installed Icecast, Liveice, Lame and MPG123 in usr/local directory, 
each with its own directory.

In icecast.conf I've set the server name to a name that resolves to home 
network IP address. streamurl is set to http://servername:8000. staticdir is 
set to /usr/local/icecast/static.

In liveice.cfg, the servername is the same as in icecast.conf. passwork is 
the same as encoder_passwork in icecast.conf and URL is set to 
http://servername. the file playlist contains the absolute address to an mp3 
file. some of the other settings are SOUNDCARD, HALF_DUPLEX, USE_LAME3.

Inside icecast/bin i put the executables for liveice and lame.

when i do ./icecast, after the line where it says "starting relay connector 
thread", it says bandwidth 0 sources 0 clients 0 etc.

next i do ./liveice (from within /usr/liveice) i see:
initializing soundcard
opening connection to server 8000
attempting to contact server
connection successful: forking process

but then nothing else happens.

at this point, in the terminal where i did ./icecast, another line appears 
that says:
Accepted encoder on mountpoint /liveice from servername.domain.name 1 
sources connect.

but i don't hear anything!!!!

in another terminal, i run:
xmms http://servername:8000

but i don't hear anything.

If i set the port in liveice.cfg to anything other than 8000 and 8001, when 
i do ./liveice I hear the file.

what am i doing wrong?


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