[icecast] how to cut very big mp3s ?

L.Keulers at stud.tue.nl L.Keulers at stud.tue.nl
Mon Jan 7 10:36:11 UTC 2002


go to:
the util is called: MPEG Audio Scissors
i think its shareware, so it should be freely downloadable
i use it sometimes to cut my live recorded mp3's with.
oh ps: check out our project: http://www.puredj.com  to see a nice example of
ices / icecast streaming station.

luckyluke at puredj.com / l.keulers at stud.tue.nl

At 16:44 6-1-2002 +0100, you wrote:
>Hi there,
>maybe someone here could help me solve my problem.
>I've streamed two complete days of a congress
>using DarkIce and IceCast, but now I want to cut
>the mp3 files in parts, a part per speaker.
>I've actually got four mp3 files, one for each morning
>and afternoon, but each is several hundreds megabytes
>long (128 Kbits/s stereo)
>Is there any tool available which would allow me to cut
>these files without requiring huge amounts of memory or disk
>space ?
>I've tried with Audacity but it segfaults after the mp3 import.
>The perfect tool would have three buttons, FastForward, Play and
>Cut, but any command line tool accepting a list of durations
>would be fine.
>any idea ?
>thanks in advance.
>Jerome Alet

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