[icecast] please help coant connect to streamer from outside local lan

Greg Jetter greg at lazymountain.com
Sat Feb 9 04:14:28 UTC 2002

        I've been trying to  setup icecast now for about 2 weeks. I'v reread all the 
documentation over and over again.  What's happining is  I can start the 
icecast server  connect an encoder to it  adn stream only inside my local 
lan.  I've got my firewall set to allow connections to port 8000 and 80001 
for tcp and udp , I've  put the line "icecast: ALL" in my host.allow file. 

I can connect to  port 8000 with the www admin page but  When I try and 
connect with a mp3 player like winamp or xmms it fails with "connection 
refused" or can't connect .  is there any isues with tcp wrappers that  I 
should be aware of? 

I ruled out my fire wall  by  running the server without one for  a test. 
even without any fire wall at all  I still can not connect from outside to 
the icecast server on port 8000 

I can sit and listen to  the stream i produce with liveice only if I use my 
internal ip address to connect  to if I  use the public addess it fails. But 
the public IP allows connection of the web interface.  

This is driving me nuts.

I'm using redhat 7.2 and the latest icecast and liveice  ,  are there issue 
with 7.2 that you know of ?

thanks for any help

please respond to my e-mail as I'm not on the list yet.


greg at lazymountain.com

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