[icecast] ICE/1.0 specs

Jack Moffitt jack at xiph.org
Fri Feb 8 18:38:57 UTC 2002

> >Why are you writing clients that don't use libshout?
> darkice doesn't use libshout either.
> I guess the main reason to have a protocol is that anyone can connect 
> using it?

<p>The protocol is so close to HTTP i'm surprised everyone asks so much.  I
reverse engineered shoutcast in just a few hours, and here you can just
read libshout and know everything about the protocol by reading the 10
line login_ice() function.

I do plan to document it, but not until I've finished it.  It does me no
good to have everyone writing clients that must be half rewritten when
my login protocol changes.

libshout is there to keep people from duplicating code.  It's also there
for people to play with for icecast2 so that I have some freedom to
change the protocol for a while (since the libshout2 api won't change

<p>So in short, documentation will come.  I hope decent docs will even be
there for the first alpha release.  Please be patient and in the
meantime, have a look at the _login_ice() function in


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