[icecast] "Bind to socket failed"

LeDiva lunetta at fas.harvard.edu
Mon Feb 4 19:01:17 UTC 2002

I'm running RedHat 7.2 (kernel 2.4.17) on a PII 300. I'm using Liveice
with XMMS. I had no problem broadcasting with Shoutcast and Winamp back
before I switched over to Linux. I'd love to get going on broadcasting...
but Icecast refusing to open is a problem.

Running icecast gives me the following.

Starting thread engine...
[04/Feb/2002:13:57:38] Icecast Version 1.3.10 Starting..
[04/Feb/2002:13:57:38] Starting Admin Console Thread...
-> [04/Feb/2002:13:57:38] Starting main connection handler...
-> -> [04/Feb/2002:13:57:43] Bind to socket on port 8005 failed. Shutting
down now.
-> [04/Feb/2002:13:57:43] Cleanly shutting down...
-> [04/Feb/2002:13:57:43] Closing all listening sockets...
-> [04/Feb/2002:13:57:43] Telling threads to die...
-> [04/Feb/2002:13:57:43] Closing sockets for admins that keep hanging
-> [04/Feb/2002:13:57:43] Closing sockets for sources that keep hanging
-> [04/Feb/2002:13:57:43] Closing all remaining sockets...
-> [04/Feb/2002:13:57:43] Waiting a wee while to let the other threads
-> [04/Feb/2002:13:57:49] Ok, that's enough, let's kill the remaining 1
-> [04/Feb/2002:13:57:49] Closing and removing directory servers...
-> [04/Feb/2002:13:57:49] Removing remaining sources...
-> [04/Feb/2002:13:57:49] Exiting..

I can't find anything running on that port. I've tried running the server
on various ports, and still nothing.

Also, is there some sort of -verbose option that might shed some light on
this problem?

Julia Lunetta
Listen to my music collection... http://julial.dhs.org:8005/

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