[icecast] multicast (was streaming)

Maarten Stolte maarten.stolte at veronica.nl
Fri Feb 1 09:54:53 UTC 2002

On Fri, 2002-02-01 at 07:48, Bryan Payne wrote:
> Hi Jack, Ross & all...
> We have been working with V-Trails in refining their solution for Mp3
> streaming and will be bearing the fruits of this labor starting this weekend
> publicly with 5 different "Audiorealm Network" stations for first initial
> public testing - after final testing we look to release this solution
> NETWORK wide - making the Audiorealm.com Network effectively the first
> Network 100% peer Multicast enabled.
> We successfully tested and refined their solution to work with our current
> WMA offerings and with the help of Louis our CTO, he helped define the new
> V-Trials Mp3 solution. Indeed this package works with either Windoze or Unix
> Icecast and Shoutcast mp3 servers.
> We are also looking at implementing the solution to support Ogg/Vorbis as WE
> HOPE everyone will gain more expectance of ogg/vorbis formats.
> SAM V-2 also coming in a Linux flavor thanks to Kylix and is enabled with
> the peer Multicast solution for reporting statistics, management and more...
> So indeed now standard unmodified Icecast or Shoutcast server solutions can
> function very nicely in a "Multicast" environment - all that it will take is
> the VT-caster Server component on your streaming servers Network
> infrastructure and the listener to endure a 1 time install of a small
> plugin. The listener will then still have the freedom to use ANY Mp3
> streaming player/application they choose. We thoroughly tested VT-Caster
> system now for over 4 months with fantastic results - basically enhancing
> our Networks resource ability by about 85% and as we tweak it keeps getting
> better..
> We've been asked by V-Trails to allow Slashdot to utilize the system for a
> Techcast scheduled sometime early next month as well - so I assume they will
> put our system through it's paces..

ounds very cool, is this technique open for other broadcasters?


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