[icecast] multicast (was streaming)

WWWhatsup joly at dti.net
Fri Feb 1 05:55:19 UTC 2002

it could be a bit of a minefield - i seem to remember reading
of the requests for some fairly wide patents a couple of years
back by um, vtrails, on anything that involves browsers

the most effective multicast sevice i've seen is swarmcast -
a slashdot thread on the topic of software distro has
recent words from the author
and the fruits of his labors are on

Ross Levis wrote:

> This may be interesting to some.
> I recently discovered AllCast.com which has developed a p2p streaming 
> solution.  Unfortunately they decided to use WMA due to it's video 
> capability but hopefully they could be presuaded to switch to Vorbis 
> later when Tarkin is available.  For audio though, it appears a good way 
> to reduce bandwidth requirements at the broadcasting end and potentially 
> provide for an unlimited number of listeners.  Maybe IceCast could 
> implement the same sort of technology.
> Cheers,
> Ross.

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