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gtgbr at gmx.net gtgbr at gmx.net
Sun Dec 29 16:32:28 UTC 2002

Akos Maroy wrote:
> With all due respect, this is ridiculous. You're saying that the site
> icecast.org, which was the home page for icecast 1.x for serveral years,
> is a 'zombie webserver' that has nothing to say about icecast, be it
> past or future versions? I mean: what site would talk about a project
> called icecast then?

icecast.org will, eventually, when those who can do it get to make the
complete overhaul. It'll then be like vorbis.com, speex.org, etc. I.e.
that's what I heard. I suppose if all that would be easier/less time
intense, it'd have been done by now.

> I guess the time spent writing this e-mail would have been more than
> enough to complete the task mentioned here.

I don't think any of us can judge that objectively. I don't know what
the exact issue is, and I too can only speculate. If I were one of
those, who (shall) care for icecast.org, I'd also consider setting up a
temporary site on a different server a waste of time.

I honestly don't understand why anybody here is complaining for not
getting something for free in a certain manner. You *can* get Icecast2,
anything else simply doesn't matter... YOU know where to get it, so
what's the big deal? It's done when it's done. If you're unhappy with
the current situation, do something yourself - but don't tell others
what they should do. It's their server, their project. Heck, they could
shut down all download servers and sell their free software on CDs. This
might not be viable, but entirely legitimate and up to them.

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