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Aaron Gaudio prothonotar at tarnation.dyndns.org
Sat Dec 28 07:46:17 UTC 2002

> The current homepage is http://www.xiph.org/cvs.html ... this is
> supposed to change eventually, but there are some weird problems with
> icecast.org that i don't quite understand. :)
> Anyways, do NOT check out icecast2 from icecast.org CVS, it is very
> outdated. Instead, check out the 'icecast' module from anoncvs at xiph.org.
> Moritz 

Sorry... joining in on this discussion late.... I for one rarely
use cvs to check out software unless I am planning on beta testing
or developing for it. The fact that no release packages are available
signifies to me that icecast2 is not yet ready for prime time. This
is not meant to be a criticism with anything about icecast2, as I
haven't used it, merely that it should not be treated as if it is
released until it is released, and icecast1 should not be treated as
obsolete until icecast2 is released. (BTW, I had this same argument
for alsa, which has 'deprecated' its previous version in favor of
its development version, and no longer supports the 0.5x versions--
you don't see this kind of stuff with the linux kernel).

Personally, I feel that the developers will be losing a lot of 
potential beta testers (even other volunteers) for icecast2 when
none of the icecast.org website refers to icecast2 at all. I understand
there were some problems accessing the site, but if those are now
resolved, there's no reason for someone to go and at least put a 
quick word in.

Furthermore, since icecast2 is not released yet, IMO it is premature
to disable the icecast1-compatible directory server (especially
without any kind of warning). I will continue to use icecast1, for
all of its faults until icecast2 appears to be, if not a mature
project, then at least a project which has given birth. The fact that
there are ever only 15 icecast servers listed in the directory now,
versus many times that previously, should give the server maintainers
some pause in continuing a non-icecast1 compatible server. Obviously
I am not the only one sticking with icecast1 at present. I guess the
question comes down to how one wishes to balance the user community
against the developer community.


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