[icecast] Ices on Linux PPC

Drew Lane drewlane at qwest.net
Mon Dec 23 02:11:24 UTC 2002

>check the install paths, one maybe /usr/bin and the other maybe
>/usr/local/bin.  /usr/bin maybe first in your search path.
It seems to be installed in /usr/local/icecast/bin, which wasn't in my path.

However, I keep forgetting that ices 0.2.3 doesn't support live broadcasting
so it's not really gonna do what I want anyway.  :^(

<p>>>possibly, wouldn't be much of a change, it's just a matter of what
>>peoples feelings on this are. Changing the name means you avoid a name
>>clash but then again mp3 support maybe added which would make ices-0.2.3
>>a non-issue (ices 0.2.3 does have a couple of build issues to resolve).

I think mp3 support is important for the time being (until their is more 
support for ogg).
Also, being able to read in mp3 files and broadcast out in ogg or mp3 
would be cool.

BTW, I assume that using mp3 files on the server and broadcasting in ogg 
doesn't infringe on any patents...
(seems like it would be pretty tough to figure out what the source 
format was anyway)


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