[icecast] Darkice on Linux PPC

Akos Maroy darkeye at tyrell.hu
Mon Dec 23 00:28:11 UTC 2002

Drew Lane wrote:
> Well, top is reporting that darkice is using between 11-13%

and what is the system load? are you running darkice as root?

> I'm not sure if the system can encode mp3 in real time, but I do
> have a G3 processor upgrade coming in the next week or so which
> should eliminate that question.

you can always check: encode (using command line lame) a 1 minute wav 
file to mp3. if it takes less than 1 minute, you did it below real time :)

> This returns nothing.

hm, strange

> Is there any other way to release /dev/dsp?
> Also, I sometimes get a segmentation fault when running darkice.  :^(

bad news :( can you compile it in debug mode and send me the backtrace? 
for debug mode, change the line

CXXFLAGS = -O2 -pedantic -Wall

in src/Makefile.am to

CXXFLAGS = -g -pedantic -Wall

and run ./configure && make again.


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