[icecast] Darkice on Linux PPC

Drew Lane drewlane at qwest.net
Sun Dec 22 22:06:42 UTC 2002

> Can you refresh your sources from the CVS, and try again? 

<p>OK, I got it to compile this time using the new sources from CVS.

I am able to run the program and I heard myself talking through
a microphone, but the client keeps rebuffering every 10 seconds
or so.   Not sure if this is because of some settings I need to adjust
or if it's because the computer is too slow (200 Mhz 604e).

Also, I can only run the program once without rebooting.
If it try to run it again I get the error message:

DarkIce: OssDspSource.cpp:184:  can't set format [32]

It seems like the sound server is frozen up at this point, because
I get a sound server initalization eror if I try to start KDE after this.


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